Our Capabilities

Track record and experience

Aquiva Wireless is supported by years of experience in the design and implementation of complex telecommunication projects. We have the most stable and reliable connectivity with:

Fibre guaranteed connection uptime of 99.9%
Satellite guaranteed connection uptime 99.999%
WiMax guaranteed connection uptime of 96.8%
VoIP guaranteed connection uptime 99.999%

Managerial competence:

As a one-stop-shop for its customers, Aquiva ensures that each project is managed professionally and completed on time and within budget. We cater to a wide range of telecommunication projects and employ world-class managers in the fields of project management, presales, engineering, equipment procurement, installation, and ongoing service and support

Technical capability and experience:

We endeavor to provide cost effective  solutions to meet all customer needs and cope with virtually any challenge and we can respond rapidly to any opportunity.