Satellite Broadband

Aquiva Wireless designs and offers high-performance satellite broadband for carrier-grade IP and broadband networking applications on KU, KA and C-band platforms. Our Vsat solution is cost effective and accommodates different target markets with service plans designed out of current data, voice and video usage patterns in Africa.

Our platform guarantees you the following:

  • High Speeds :
    Two kinds of services are available under broadband internet access: Guaranteed plans offering set speed, with a volume count at very low costs and unlimited plans in which users contend for service. The contended plans have several flavors of contentions to choose from.
  • High capacity
    We offer an unlimited service. No restrictions to browsing and usage. We do not put a cap on our service.
  • Reliability and availability
    We ensure continuous service delivery as we have invested in redundancy and rain fade mitigating technology.
  • Ubiquity:
    It’s a service which can be installed anywhere on the continent and in the event that you re-locate, there is no need to re-invest in equipment.
  • Competitive prices and Skilled technical and customer support


Organizations can rely on a secure, satellite based communication platform that effectively connects all of their branches, even the most remote. Aquiva Wireless offers cost-efficient turnkey solutions tailored to meet each customer’s unique needs.


We intend to invest into Long Term Evolution (LTE) Mobile Data Internet and Voice services